Campaign Signage Information

In order to avoid any confusion, we want to ensure that all candidates have the information required before any signs are installed. Following are guidelines contained in the relevant City of Dauphin Bylaw #4178:

Candidates may post signs on Boulevards and Public Property provided that:

  • The size does not exceed 3 square meters (32.0 sq feet)

  • The signs are not encroaching over a street or driveway

  • The horizontal clearance of the sign is at least .6m (2 feet) from the street and more than 3 meters (10 feet) from the property line.

Candidates may only put up signs on Private Property if they have the property owner's permission. 

As a courtesy to Property Owners, we ask you request permission to post campaign signs on boulevards adjacent to their property.

Please aim to have your election signs removed within one week after the election by November 1, 2022.