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Community Energy Initiative


The City of Dauphin and Manitoba Hydro are pleased to announce a partnership aimed at giving Dauphin residents the chance to reduce their energy bills and become leaders in using energy efficiently in Manitoba.

The role of the community energy manager has been created as the first step in a two year pilot project. The project involves engaging stakeholders in the creation and implementation of a Community Energy Plan. This plan will act as a guideline for lowering energy consumption throughout the community. The advocate role will involve assessing residential, commercial and municipal buildings in Dauphin to determine their eligibility for existing Power Smart programs. The manager is supported by Manitoba Hydro’s Power Smart team and as opportunities are identified the community energy manager will assist stakeholders in accessing Manitoba Power Smart programs.

“This is an excellent opportunity for our residents and business people to save money on their energy bills and reduce energy consumption, while allowing us to make our own contribution to the reduction of carbon emissions and related climate change. City Council and I have discussed energy conservation on many occasions, and this partnership will be good for the local pocket book and the environment.”

Eric Irwin

Former Mayor, City of Dauphin

“Many Manitobans already know some of the things they can do, like installing energy efficient LED lighting, but some methods to reduce energy consumption are customer and building specific. Through this partnership arrangement, residents and the business community of Dauphin will have access to guidance and direct assistance in helping them capture energy efficient opportunities.”

Kelvin Shepherd

Former President and CEO, Manitoba Hydro

While the Community Energy Manager program has ended, you may click the following link to view the Community Energy and Emissions Plan.