Water Payment Information

Current City of Dauphin Utility Rates

Please click here for the latest City of Dauphin Utility Rates

Accepted methods of payment are: Cash, Cheque, Debit, Internet/Telephone Banking, and Pre-Authorized Payments – WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS 

The Utility Billing system works as follows: 

  • Bills are issued quarterly for the periods ending March, June, September and December

  • You are billed the minimum charge in advance on each billing (eg. you would pay the minimum charge for a three month period that would allow you 14 cubic metres of water for a standard residential 5/8” meter) on each bill

  • You are billed for any water consumption that exceeds 14 cubic metres (on a 5/8” meter) from the previous three months on each bill

  • In summary, you pay the minimum in advance on each bill as well as any over consumption during the billing period
  • Pre-Authorized payments are withdrawn from the customer’s account on the due date noted on your bill.

  • Please ensure you contact the Utility Department at (204) 622-3205 if you are moving. Additional charges for consumption may result if we are not notified immediately that you are no longer at the residence. It is advisable to shut the inside water valve when vacating.  

If using the Internet/Telephone Banking method of payment, please ensure you enter all 10 digits of your account number but DO NOT enter the decimal. A new account number is issued each time you move so please update your account number for telephone/online payments to ensure accurate payment recording. 

As a vendor, we are usually listed as “Dauphin Water” with most banks. Normally, online payments may take up to 48 hours to register to your account. Please take this into consideration when paying online.

Tips for Investigating Unusually High Water Bills  

  • Check for obvious signs such as leaking faucets.

  • Do a color test on ALL toilets in the home – YOU CANNOT ALWAYS HEAR A TOILET RUNNING! You can use food colouring to test. Put a few drops in the back tank of all the toilets in your home. Let sit for 2 hours without flushing. If ANY colour appears in the toilet bowl, you have a leak and should have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. A leak will only get worse with time.
  • Be sure to turn outside valves off when not in use.  

  • Your meter is equipped with a leak detection device. Shine a light source (flashlight) directly at the meter head. Your current meter reading will appear as well as a dripping faucet should you have a potential leak.

For any billing inquiries, please contact the Utility Department at (204) 622-3205